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Want an iPhone 7 Plus with a Retro look? Now you can

Do you think the current iPhone models are very popular? Today we found an interesting new option (although not for all pockets): the iPhone 7 Plus Retro .

An iPhone 7 Plus looking like the first Macintosh

Colorware presents a new concept of iPhone 7 Plus, totally customized: the iPhone 7 Plus Retro . This is a very limited version that will make your iPhone 7 Plus look like the first Macintosh.

Want an iPhone 7 Plus with a Retro look? Now you can
Want an iPhone 7 Plus with a Retro look? Now you can

Its broken white color and its characteristic multicolored apple , will be a delight for the owner and the envy of many. The company will manufacture the first 25 units which will include an authenticity number x25 to make it even more exclusive. This Retro model can be reserved from now on for 1899 dollars . It is the Plus version and has a capacity of 256 GB. The company estimates that it will ship in about 2-3 weeks from purchase.

What makes it different from other iPhone 7 Plus models?

Aesthetics, nothing else . Colorware has chosen the top-of-the-range option to customise it with this aesthetic. Everything else remains intact. The company customises the device by printing the paint directly on the device, as it is not a simple case. Underneath that paint is the black model of the iPhone. Even so, it is made with such quality that the print is not appreciated.

This model can be obtained for 800 Euros (this is the 256GB model), here we have to add a significant amount of money to customize it for us in this way. All the modification is aesthetic, internally it is exactly the same phone fully functional.

What do you think of this redesigned iPhone 7 Plus? Do you think it’s worth the price they’re asking for it? Can Apple bet on a similar version? Leave your opinion in the comment box.

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