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Walter Isaacson talks about Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson talks about Steve’s character and personality, and his personal relationship with him. After the death of Apple’s co-founder, his biography has become one of the best-selling books of 2011. The video of his talk for the John Adams Institute is a good complement to the reading of the bestseller . In addition, Isaacson has expressed his opinion to the words of Google’s CEO, Larry Page, where he says that Jobs’ rage against Android was only to ‘rally his troops’, showing that it was not a real hatred.

The biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson based on more than forty interviews with Steve himself, and many others with people around him, was a bestseller after his departure on October 24 last year , just 20 days after his death. It became part of the bestseller list , quickly becoming one of the best-selling books of the year . Publication was brought forward (as it was scheduled for 2012), and Sony has already acquired the film rights to the book.

Walter Isaacson talks about Steve Jobs
Walter Isaacson talks about Steve Jobs

The author, who also holds the positions of CEO of CNN, president and CEO of the Aspen Institute and editor of TIME magazine, recently spoke in Amsterdam for the John Adams Institute, giving his own vision of the figure of Jobs , his character and his facets as an entrepreneur and leader. Walter is a veteran of creating biographies, and his works include names such as Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Henry Kissinger.

In the 90-minute video (the talk starts around 10:30), Walter Isaacson tells how Jobs “distorted reality”, and how he used it to achieve things that were apparently impossible , during the development of the first Macintosh, iPhone and iPod. He even talks about the yacht that Steve was designing before he died, which is still unfinished in Amsterdam.

In addition to personal insights about Steve, he also has space in the talk to talk about himself. When asked if he ‘liked’ Steve Jobs, he said:

The Steve that Walter portrays in this talk is the one he presented in his biography, which is a must read for all those who love Apple, NeXT or Pixar , for those who want to know more about his life as a visionary of ideas, with its lights and shadows, or even for those who, in a critical way, want to know more about one of the most influential people of the last decades, to base their criticisms, positive or negative, in a more solid way.

Just yesterday, Bloomberg quoted Google co-founder Larry Page as referring to Steve Jobs:

Isaacson talked about it, saying that the job fury against Google was real, in the sense that it was not a show that only showed from the outside. In his book, Walter wrote, quoting Jobs:

Steve was always fighting to make things better, whether or not he was a dictatorial and manipulative person in the process. He was, in this case, according to the extract of his biography, convinced of what Android was that kind of creation that he described as unfair , because perhaps the ideas from which he started were not transformed enough to make a product worth selling to the public.

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