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Walt Mossberg analyses the computer market after the release of Windows 7

Perhaps one of the most measured journalists when it comes to analysis is Walt Mossberg . His statements are usually the product of profound reflection, and as a rule they are quite impartial.

After the release of Windows 7 and perhaps in view of the upcoming Christmas campaign, Walt Mossberg comments on his impressions as he does every year. It is clear that the decision to buy a computer is a very personal one, but he manages to make a very clear statement and perhaps invaluable help.

Walt Mossberg analyses the computer market after the release of Windows 7
Walt Mossberg analyses the computer market after the release of Windows 7

The article tries to make clear a very interesting point, which is none other than the so-called NetBook or low-cost laptops, should not enter the equation , since they play in a different league. It is clear that if the search for a new computer is focused exclusively on price, they are absolute winners, but they cannot really be considered as the main computer because of the limitations they have.

For less than 300 euros we can have one of these laptops, but we have to face the idea that they are slow computers. Cheaper terminals mount Linux or Windows XP distributions, while those with Windows 7, it is a adapted (trimmed) version for these computers.

On a day-to-day basis, even if they are able to do so, performing tasks such as navigating, writing, managing photographs, is inevitably uncomfortable , and should not be used in the equation.

Walt Mossberg points to the widespread view that Windows 7 has managed to bridge some of the gap between Windows and Mac OS X, but has not done so completely.

If we focus on the laptop range, and choose a brand such as Dell, we see that the laptops that can start to be matched with the MacBook range, with similar features in hardware, are among the 200-300 Euros cheaper than these.

Of course it is still an important difference, but Apple computers have a number of extras , which their equivalent in Windows does not have.

The first of all arguments, and the one that has obviously been used more often, is that when you turn on an Apple computer you have a series of tools that Windows systems do not have, the iLife suite . For an average user, the possibility of managing photos, audio, music or videos, without the need to buy more software, is an advantage worth taking into account.

Another argument, also very much in vogue, lies in the invulnerability of systems with Mac OS X to viruses and all kinds of spyware. Although every time a supposed virus for Mac appears, this news is proclaimed to the four winds. As a rule, these so-called viruses require administrator privileges from the user in order to work, which is practically impossible.

The third argument given by Walt Mossberg, and which we may soon be able to verify in our country, is found in the excellent after-sales service of Apple . Although the Applecare works very well in Spain (as a rule), and even sometimes Apple does not close the door to provide solutions to problems that have arisen outside the warranty.

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Another case apart is in the Apple Store , the service provided in the Genius bar is hardly comparable to that offered by any other computer manufacturer, perhaps reading an article written by Enrique Dans very recently, give us an idea of the service offered there and perhaps soon we can enjoy in our country.

In the end, the purchase of a computer is an eminently personal decision , but there are many other factors to consider besides the price. People in my personal circle who have decided to make an effort (spending on a Mac is) including myself and buy an Apple computer, have not regretted their purchase so far, so it can’t be such a wrong purchase.

Thanks to Ryan for pointing us towards the news.

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