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Voice control in iOS 5 can be improved with Siri


A little less than a year ago Apple bought this company for its application with the same name, which was a kind of personal assistant that could be controlled by voice. We commented on it at the time at Apple, and now it seems that the real purpose of that purchase is revealed: to improve the voice controls in iOS 5 .

Voice control in iOS 5 can be improved with Siri
Voice control in iOS 5 can be improved with Siri

Apparently, Apple is preparing everything necessary to be able to show those improvements in the WWDC 2011 keynote , which is supposed to take place on June 6th itself serving as the starting point for the rest of the event. In addition, a new SDK would give developers the opportunity to use this functionality in their applications.

The same sources are betting on a launch of the iPhone 5 around autumn , coinciding in some way with the adaptation to 4G LTE networks and the arrival of iOS 5 to the rest of the devices. It would not be strange, since all the new iPhones have arrived with a new version of iOS.

Voice control is a feature that has been with us for two years, but has not received much attention since its release. Does anyone use it regularly? Remember, we can invoke a number of iOS functions by pressing the home button for a few moments and giving the command as soon as the voice control screen appears.


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