VMware Fusion upgrades to version 6

VMware Fusion 6

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VMware Fusion upgrades to version 6
VMware Fusion upgrades to version 6

We have already updated one of the best virtualization systems for compatibility with OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1, this is VMware Fusion 6, which has a number of interesting features that we will see below. A clear alternative to Parallels Desktop 9, don’t you think?

If just a few hours ago we were looking at Parallels Desktop 9 – with support for Windows 8.1 – now we hear the news that VMware also upgrades to version 6 and brings support for OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1 This virtualization software not only brings compatibility with these two new operating systems, but also comes with interesting features that we will see below.

Designed for OS X Mavericks

VMware Fusion 6 has been designed with the latest version of OS X in mind and will be released shortly. It is designed to take full advantage of the full-screen navigation or voice dictation offered by OS X Mavericks. That’s why we’ll be able to use these features with applications from a virtualized Windows 8, for example.

Ready for Windows 8.1

VMware Fusion 6 is ready to take full advantage of the full potential of Windows 8.1 and its application store. That’s why we can add these applications directly to our OS X Launchpad or directly to the Dock itself so they’re always at hand.

Optimized for Intel Haswell

That’s right, the latest version of VMware supports next-generation Macs with Intel Haswell processors. This will allow us to have a better performance in the execution of the applications and on the other hand we will notice a longer battery life .

Increased capacity for virtual machines

Now we can create virtual machines with up to 64 Gb of memory . No doubt this will be perfect for the most demanding people who need great processing power. I don’t even want to imagine the wonders that could be done with a Mac Pro virtualizing Windows 8.1 to 64 GB of memory.

Enhanced interface

The user interface has been significantly improved to make the user experience much simpler and more comfortable. We will now have a better migration of PCs and will be helped to migrate to Windows 8 much more easily.

These are all the new features of VMware Fusion 6, what do you think, is it competition worthy of Parallels Desktop 9? Of course if we want something cheaper and more powerful it is a good alternative, because it is only 53 euros, about 25 euros less than Parallels Desktop 9. You can buy it from the official page or you can try a trial version from that page.


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