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VLC for Mac, the best video player

Day by day we can get to work with dozens of video files on our Mac, and even if a native player is included it sometimes falls short. That’s why we have to look for other third party alternatives and one of them is undoubtedly VLC, one of the best players par excellence for MacOS and Windows.

The key to VLC’s success

Over the years VLC has become tremendously popular in MacOS, Windows and Linux. This is mainly because it is free software and allows you to play a wide range of file formats without downloading codecs. It also includes the possibility of adapting both video and audio playback for a large number of devices. Another great feature of VLC is that it supports streaming playback by introducing a simple link. But that’s not the only reason for its success. By downloading plug-ins you can integrate it with other types of programs and services.

VLC highlights

VLC for Mac, the best video player
VLC for Mac, the best video player

As we said before, there are many video formats supported by this software. Among these are for example Dirac, DV, H.264MPEG-4 AVC, WebM, MJPEG, VC-1, VP5… among many others. This makes it the best choice when you have a video file that is not recognized by some problem. In the case of transmissions there is no problem in supporting the MPEG and DivX transmission being an interesting option to see for example Apple presentation conferences with a simple link. It gets to the point where you can play .zip files without having to unzip them and make them take up disk space. Even watching the beginning of a video we are downloading is possible and decide whether it is worth continuing to download it or not.

In the case that the video we are playing has a low sound, we can force the sound up to 200%, or put different files in a playlist.

All these functions are integrated into an interface that is extremely easy to navigate thanks to its visual simplicity and cleanliness. It is true that it is not as elegant as other players from other developers. But this is what we give in exchange for having a program that works perfectly well and is totally free and in addition to open source . This makes many users download VLC in the first place, thanks to the trust it has earned by not using ads or spywire. But as we mentioned before, it doesn’t remain a freeware program, it includes a whole series of add-ons that make it a customizable and adaptable software.

But while we focus on video files, you can also play music files. It integrates a search engine to have all the information of a song we are playing. And as in the previous cases, the wide variety of formats it supports makes it a tremendously attractive alternative.

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