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Vis-À-Vis, a good free magazine in Spanish for the iPad


If you ask me for my personal opinion, the iPad, well, to be fair, multi-touch tablets are the future of print media. Little by little paper will die (not overnight, of course) and these will give way to multimedia magazines with all the possibilities that these new media offer. We have already talked about applications such as Wired at Apple, but now it is the turn of Vis-Á-Vis, the first good magazine in Spanish for the iPad, and the best thing about it is that it is completely free .

Vis-À-Vis, a good free magazine in Spanish for the iPadVis-À-Vis, a good free magazine in Spanish for the iPad

Vis-Á-Vis comes in its “loaded” presentation of good content. From interviews with Rudy Fernandez, the thinking head of Tuenti, to young designers who are making their way these days. And as it should be, we are not in front of a linear magazine , but we can change its orientation to see its photographs at a bigger size, advance through its contents either horizontally or vertically and discover curious games all within reach.

This new publication is born with the promise of being free for its reader and getting better month by month (it is a monthly publication). We’ll see what we’re offered in future editions, but this first bullet is setting the bar very high. If you liked digital editions like Wired and complained that there was nothing in the language of Cervantes, this is your chance, just download it from the App Store. Now all that remains is for you to discover all the surprises that Ploi Media has put at your fingertips . It’s not your average magazine, and every “page” has a few surprises to show you.

Update ( by Pedro Aznar ) : I correct the information to add that Vis-à-vis is another good free digital magazine for iPad, since there was Actualidad7 and iMag, for example, with very good contents too.

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