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Vimeo is compatible with AirDrop


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Vimeo is compatible with AirDropVimeo is compatible with AirDrop

Vimeo is possibly the best platform for finding new and quality content on the web. It offers the most curious and spectacular videos on a very well designed and well maintained platform. Like its iOS application, which received a major update yesterday that further positions it as an alternative to YouTube. The main new feature it brings is the support for AirDrop, but it’s not the only one.

Vimeo is possibly the best alternative to YouTube. A service taken care of and used by thousands of artists -thanks to the fact that it doesn’t have the limitations imposed by Google- that is becoming more and more prominent on the net. Not only there, but also in iOS where it has excellent applications for both iPhone and iPad. And precisely these applications received a major change yesterday thanks to the latest update.

As we have said, yesterday the application brought an important update, this came with the main novelty of being able to share information between iOS devices using AirDrop . Technology that allows the easy exchange of content between iPhone, iPad and iPod devices with iOS 7. However, remember that AirDrop depends on the device we have, since only in the most recent models this function is supported -due to the lack of hardware necessary in previous models-.

Another important new feature is that in the new Vimeo we can find a new design of the feed where the new features arrive. Basically a new video inbox that is much more social.

In addition, the new Vimeo allows us to choose whether to view videos exclusively when we have a Wi-Fi connection or also when we only have a 3G connection on our iOS device. Furthermore, as is typical, the update brought small bug fixes and performance improvements common to updates to apps .

I personally use this platform often, provides resources and content not so easily found on other Internet sites . In addition, its design and image quality are exquisite and this is mainly due to the fact that many artists indies publish their content on Vimeo rather than on YouTube or another video platform online .

Remember that Vimeo is available for free on the App Store and is universal – compatible and adapted to both iPhone and iPad – so don’t hesitate to download it.

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