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viewing content offline will be possible with limitations

After the rumor that Apple TV+ will officially arrive in November with a price of $9.99 per month and with only five original productions, today MacRumors has learned more details about this new service. macOS Catalina has been the source of this new information as it seems that its code shows new details of Apple’s original content service. In this article we tell you all the known details.

From MacRumors they assure today that the lines of code of the last available version of Catalina macOS shows interesting details that they didn’t tell us about Apple TV+. It seems that we will have the possibility of downloading the contents that we are most interested in so that we can watch them offline on a plane or anywhere else where we know we will not have WiFi available.

viewing content offline will be possible with limitationsviewing content offline will be possible with limitations

But this function is not as open as we thought, since Apple will impose a limit on total downloads, as well as a limitation on downloads per program or movie. The latter means that we cannot have the same episode of a series or a movie on several devices at once. If we want to download it for example on our iPhone we’ll have to delete it from the iPad or Mac, so that we have a subscription per person.

With regard to the latter, Apple does not want several people to take advantage of the same subscription (in the same Apple ID) so the simultaneous transmissions will also be limited. This means that we will not be able to view content on multiple screens at once, having to stop watching a series on our iPhone for example if we want to view content on our Apple TV.

As on other platforms such as Netflix, there may be several levels of subscriptions. The more expensive the subscription, the fewer limitations there may be on both the number of downloads and simultaneous displays.

If we want our friends or family to enjoy this subscription, they can do so in theory as long as is integrated into the ‘Family’ tab of our Apple ID . This will allow everyone to log in to the service under their own Apple ID and leave everything at home.

We will have to wait until November to finally see if there are different levels of subscriptions in which the limitations imposed and the characteristics offered by the service vary.

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