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Viewing Animated GIFs on the Reel on the iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Mini

Looks like the Net’s coming alive. No, I’m not referring to the existing Internet environment, but to the return to the use of the veteran moving image format GIF (Graphic Interchange Format).

Compuserve, the Internet content company, was responsible for introducing the format in the late 80s as an evolution of an earlier black and white format, and to respond to the advance in performance of the machines of the time, since, supported palettes of 256 colors!

Viewing Animated GIFs on the Reel on the iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Mini
Viewing Animated GIFs on the Reel on the iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Mini

Actually, the animated version of the GIF has never disappeared , although it must be said that, over time, its majority use had been relegated, almost exclusively, to avatars and signatures in the posts.

But from some time to this part, we see the format resurface . A few days ago, the social website Pinterest, announced support for the GIF (only on web platform, later on mobile) as an extraordinary novelty and “the biggest thing to happen since emoticons”.

Last summer, the blog network Tumblr, also introduced a tool called Selfie, for the creation of animated GIFs quickly and easily, dedicating entire pages to these compositions and covering the most varied themes.

Focusing on the iPad, there is no problem in displaying the animated GIFs from apps like: Safari, Messages or Mail, but if we save them and display them on the Reel, you will have noticed that will appear as static images . To solve this problem, we bring you a pair of tweaks from Cydia to be able to play the animations in the native photo application of our iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and of course iPhone.

In addition to the Reel, we will be able to see animated GIFs in many other applications.

These are Giffy and GIFViewer. The former is compatible with iOS 5, 6 and 7, the latter only with iOS 7. Both have the same price ($0.99) and work the same way. With neither of them you have to configure anything, they just install and work transparently for us .

As usual, we run Cydia and go directly to the tab Search . In the search field we type in the name of the application and it will appear in the results. Depending on the repositories you have, you may get several with the same name. Choose the one from the BigBoss repository and install it . After the installation we will be able to see the animations of the GIFs in the Reel of our iPad and in the image selector of many applications.

So now we can save the most striking TV moments and falls on our iPad in animated GIF format and play them back later in an infinite and hypnotic loop. But I’m going to ask you one thing, don’t download the GIF of the baby dancing in diapers, it’s already too much seen.

Does this return to the past make sense for you considering the number of formats available today and with higher capabilities ? Will we see Apple implement this feature of natively in future versions of iOS?