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Video shows us the interior of the Apple Park offices

We are used to seeing photos of the outside of the Apple Park using drones or of the visits that are made by the gardens of the offices and the visit to the official store of the company in this campus where exclusive products can be found. But we had always stayed here since the headquarters is always closed to the street public, but in a video posted on YouTube we could finally see many areas of the Apple Park that had never been seen before.

If you decide to travel to Cupertino and want to take a tour of the Apple Park you can walk around and enter the visitor centre and the Apple Store. We also have a very popular Steve Jobs Theater where the company’s big Keynote has been held over the last few years since they moved to this new location. But beyond this, the interior of the offices has almost never been seen except in some photographs released when interviews were conducted with managers.

Video shows us the interior of the Apple Park offices
Video shows us the interior of the Apple Park offices

In this video that we have left you in the upper part we can see the parking of the building that is tremendously curious since the solar panels give a very interesting effect. In addition, you can perfectly observe the curve of the building from inside which is incredible. In one of the scenes you can observe the enormous windows that are inside the offices and a first plane of the artificial lake that is included in the center of the building accompanied by a great vegetation as we have seen in many views from the air through drones.

In these offices, the presence of a lot of ambient light stands out thanks to all the windows that exist and the absence of walls. In addition, the tables and chairs of the employee cafeteria, which is tremendously large and surprising, can be seen from above.

The truth is that after seeing this video they are very eager to work in these facilities because the work environment seems ideal and very open to get it is not overwhelming to be there. But the quality of the building is logical after having cost 5 billion dollars, and we are already anxious to see the construction of a new campus in Austin.

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