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Video Playback Apps for iPad, iPad Mini, Air and Pro

Playing videos on any iPad model is really easy. We just need the right tools, and the App Store has a few of them. In this publication we will recommend the best iPad video playback apps and we hope you like them!

Once you’ve downloaded and installed one of these video playback applications, watching your favorite shows and movies from your iPad will be super easy. Just transfer your videos via iTunes or Wi-Fi to the app in question.

Video Playback Apps for iPad, iPad Mini, Air and Pro
Video Playback Apps for iPad, iPad Mini, Air and Pro

However, it is important to note that most of these iPad applications do not play all the formats available today, especially the AC3 audio format , since the App Store does not allow it.


One of the best options currently on the App Store is the VLC app. Not only for being free, but for offering services that border on perfection. Good user interface, simple and fluid controls, and great format compatibility.


AVPlayerHD is one of the longest running video playback applications. It has fought hand-to-hand against a large number of “clone” applications and was finally the last one to stand. It’s very effective, and although it doesn’t shine with a very elegant interface, it’s as good as any other.


For those of you who thought that OPlayerHD had been removed from the App Store and would not return, here we bring you its “reincarnation”. An app that is still free and still supports streaming playback via HTTP, RTSP, MMS, etc.

Moli-Player HD

We continue with another quite useful video playback app, it supports asf, avi, wmv, f4v, flv and many more formats. If you do not like the above options, Moli-Player is highly recommended.

Infuse 3

Infuse 3 is without a doubt one of the best options for playing videos on the iPad. An app optimized for iOS 9, it supports more than 14 formats, and it supports AirPlay.

Of course, the App Store offers hundreds of other alternatives when it comes to playing videos on iPad. Even Apple has its own native application for this. In this publication you will find the most popular and effective playback apps. Any recommendations? Check out the comments!

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