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Video of how we can place the icons of the Apple Watch

The release date of the Apple Watch is approaching, but there are still many unknowns around the smartwatch, especially about how the device will be used. Luckily, little by little a lot of information is appearing about its handling and this time we are lucky enough to be able to see a video of how the icons on the device’s screen can be rearranged from the iPhone .

We knew that the iPhone would be a very important device for any Apple Watch user, since the watch is really more a complement to the smartphone than a separate device. Now we have one more sample of this and it seems that to be able to organize the tiny icons on the wearable’s screen we will have to use our iPhone and the configuration app that has arrived with iOS 8.2.

Video of how we can place the icons of the Apple Watch
Video of how we can place the icons of the Apple Watch

The following video has been published by a developer who is extracting all the “secrets” directly from the IOS SDK. In it we can see how he moves the icons to place them as he likes , an action that does not differ much from what we currently do on iPad and iPhone.

We do not know if it will also be possible to change the position of the icons directly from the Apple Watch, although considering the size of the icons and the screen of the device it does not seem very likely. After all, the iPhone will be indispensable for any user of the device, so it doesn’t make sense to make this type of configuration from the clock.

Every day we are more and more eager to try the first Apple wearable . The device has caught our attention from day one and the more we see of it, the more we like it. We don’t know yet when it will officially arrive in Spain, but what we do know is that we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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