Vice City 10th Anniversary comes to iOS on December 6th

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Vice City 10th Anniversary comes to iOS on December 6th
Vice City 10th Anniversary comes to iOS on December 6th

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The GTA saga is more alive than ever. After years in the shadows, the guys at Rockstar Games are back to commemorate the tenth anniversary of GTA: Vice City, with a specially enhanced port for Apple iOS devices. They’ve improved touch screen control and graphics, an aspect that was not seen in this game even in its time. On December 6th, coinciding with the Constitution Day holiday. Great opportunity to reminisce about old times, don’t you think?

I’m sure you’ve played him too. GTA: Vice City is probably one of the most played games in the world , and certainly the most popular in the GTA saga; specifically it’s the only GTA I played from start to finish.

A few months before the release of the console version of GTA V, Rockstar has made a remake celebrating the 10th anniversary of Vice City, creating a version of the game for iOS and Android, which will land in both app stores on December 6th .

At a cost of $4.99, and following a mobile edition very similar to the GTA III launched last year, the graphics, character modelling and light effects have been slightly improved, while still improving the accuracy of the shots.

Considering that it is a 2002 game, and that at that time it did not stand out precisely in the graphics section, and that the iPhone has quite decent graphics capabilities, this improvement on the part of the developers is normal. The developers have not forgotten the support for Retina screens either.

Among the compatible devices, we will need from an iPhone 4 onwards , and the original iPad is already capable of moving GTA: Vice City.


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