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Very Little Nightmares is an adventure puzzle with a small dose of terror. App of the Week

Being on the run from someone, you don’t know who, and suddenly ending up in a crashed hot air balloon somewhere you can’t get out of. A basement, a house, or a laundry run by some deformed beings? It doesn’t matter, because Very Little Nightmares is just that, an adventure game with puzzles that are sometimes simple, sometimes complicated, but always terrifying. That’s why it has become our App of the Week.

We have to get out of here as soon as possible

That’s the phrase that pops into your head the minute you land on Very Little Nightmares. The main character is a little girl with a yellow raincoat she always wears a hood. A kind of modern Little Red Riding Hood . Brave, always looking ahead. A character that gives you security in a nightmarish environment.

Very Little Nightmares is an adventure puzzle with a small dose of terror. App of the Week
Very Little Nightmares is an adventure puzzle with a small dose of terror. App of the Week

The game is played vertically. Each level is a board in isometric view, through which our protagonist moves by walking or running. To do so, we must touch one of the board points to which she can move. If we touch it, it will walk; if we touch it twice, it will run . When we are near an object that we can interact with, its silhouette will stand out in white. Those are the only controls you need to know.

The two creepy enemies you see in the game, along with the monster that chases you through the garbage.

You will go around the mansion in all its levels, solving the puzzles to advance. And dodging its creepy inhabitants, in charge of its maintenance: two creepy deformed beings, one in a wheelchair and another one that levitates and has an impossible back.

You will die. Many times. Sometimes it will be foolish (will I fall if I step on that broken board? Answer: yes). Other times in an unexpected way (wow, I never thought that light would burn me). And when you run into one of those enemies you’ll discover the number of ways there are to crush a tiny girl and her yellow raincoat.

Entertainment, better with headphones on

As soon as you start the game, they’ll recommend you put your helmets on. And if you do, you’ll see that it’s a success because you’ll dive right into the game. The levels, the aesthetics (it reminds me a bit of Machinarium), the touching of the screen all the time, together with the music and ambient noise give a unique experience.

If that light bulb hits me full on, what will happen?

While researching to write this analysis, I discovered that Very Little Nightmares is the mobile prequel to the game Little Nightmares, a horror graphic adventure . I don’t know what this game was like, but this prequel is certainly one of the most entertaining games I’ve played lately.

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Sometimes it becomes uncomfortable to play vertically because you want to see more of the level to the side and forces you to scroll to see it, getting dangerously close to the bad . But overall the experience has been very good. It’s a game that costs 7.99 euros , with no expansions or purchases in-app , so it’s an excellent opportunity to play, enjoy and not to worry about micropayments.

Its 18 levels can be made somewhat short, but it is certainly a small adventure that you will enjoy in a big way .

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