Vectornator Pro app becomes FREE for a limited time

Today we are back with our selection of free applications for a limited time, we do it with Vectornator Pro .

This application has a really extraordinary potential, where we can make vectorial drawings with a friendly interface, both in the iPhone and iPad versions.

Vectornator Pro app becomes FREE for a limited time
Vectornator Pro app becomes FREE for a limited time

Normally, it has a price of 7.99 euros , but now, we can get it completely free and without integrated purchases.

You can download it today and delete it to use it later, no problem as it will appear on your App Store purchases.

As we mentioned, this application does not offer integrated shopping , so if you download it for free, you will have the application with all the features unlocked.

Includes both the iPhone and iPad versions, plus an extension for Apple iMessages . With this extension, we can easily share your creations made in the application itself.

Among its main features , the developers highlight the following:

  • Solid Vector Tools
  • Live mixing modes, masks and alignment tools
  • Color profiles, such as CMYK
  • Blur elements
  • Custom fonts
  • P3 colour space holder
  • Split screen support
  • Drag and drop
  • Pressure sensitive brush tool
  • Numerically changes the coordinates and size of the elements

As a professional application, Vectornator Pro allows us to import and export files with common extensions , so we can edit other projects of our own from the application itself.

Cloud integration is vital, so all our work will be in iCloud or even in Adobe’s Creative Cloud . Something to be thanked for having our projects at hand anywhere and at any time.

The developers put a lot of emphasis on the application interface , as they have worked hard to make it really friendly and not miss a keyboard or a mouse.

Without a doubt, Vectornator Pro is one of the best applications we have brought to this section and which we strongly recommend you to download, especially now that it is free for a limited time.

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What did you think of this app? Were you able to download it for free for a limited time?

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