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Using WhatsApp Web on the Mac from a Native Application

WhatsApp Web has been supported by iOS for a few days now. A feature that has been hard to reach for Apple users since it appeared for Android several months ago. WhatsApp Web does not yet have a native desktop application, so we have to access WhatsApp Web with our browser every time we want to use it. But for the moment, while there is no official application, we can use one created by an independent developer, ChitChat.

Developer Sam Stone created ChitChat (formerly called WhatsMac) in his spare time months ago but, until now, it was not compatible with the iPhone. This is a desktop application for Mac that will allow us to use WhatsApp Web from the comfort of our Mac without having to open the browser and enter the WhatsApp Web page.

Using WhatsApp Web on the Mac from a Native Application
Using WhatsApp Web on the Mac from a Native Application

ChiChat is still under development, has some bugs that will probably be fixed little by little. For example the picture and video sharing button doesn’t work, so we’ll have to drag the file into the application window. Also, we won’t be able to send sound messages with the microphone.

ChiChat is not signed with an Apple developer certificate. If you don’t have the option to open non-App Store applications on your Mac, the first time it runs, right-click the application in the Finder and select Open . Or in Preferences → Security & Privacy , in the section Allow applications downloaded from , check the box Anywhere .

The developer has clarified, as it is not an official application, the following about ChitChat:

In any case ChitChat works quite well, even if it is not official . Many of the competitors of WhatsApp like: Messages, Telegram, Line… etc, if they have a native desktop application, both for Mac and Windows. Something that WhatsApp does not offer at the moment. ChitChat is compatible with OS X version Yosemite 10.10, you can download it from GitHub. Have you tried it? What do you think?