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Using the iOS 11 One-handed keyboard

One of the new features of iOS 11 is the new one-handed keyboard. This new keyboard allows us to type with one hand in a market that is tending towards bigger and bigger screens. Of course for anyone who prefers to write with one hand or has somewhat small hands, it will surely suit them perfectly.

Using the iOS 11 One-handed keyboard
Using the iOS 11 One-handed keyboard

Although it is faster to write with two hands, it can sometimes be more comfortable to write with only one hand . Of course, having one hand free always helps and now it is easier to do this thanks to iOS 11.

It’s really easy to activate this function, and you’ve probably already noticed that it’s there if you’re bilingual or you use (abuse) emojis a lot. Why do I say this? Well, just by holding down the balloon on your keyboard, usually to the left of the space bar, you will have two icons to the left and right that already give you a clue. Click on one or the other to see what happens.

If you have done so, you may be a little surprised, if you do not have the opportunity, I will explain. The keyboard, obviously, will move to one side or the other, leaving a gap without keys . In the hole we will have an arrow with which we can move the keyboard to the other direction. Very useful for one-handed typing, as I said.

To go back to the way it was before, we only have to hold down the balloon on the left of our space and select the icon in the middle. Your keyboard will be ready for one-handed typing again.

If you didn’t know about this feature and were really interested in writing with one hand, congratulations! Now you know how to do this and how easy it is. Once you get used to it, you’ll be shifting the keyboard without even realizing it . Font

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