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Using the Footprint Sensor on iPhone and iPad

Find out how the Touch ID fingerprint sensor present in some iOS devices works

Apple first introduced the Touch ID on the iPhone 5S launched in September last year, but it is already present on the new iOS devices that have recently seen the light, on both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the new iPad Air 2 and Mini 3. Its use is quite simple, but a little guide with the basics is never out of place for those users facing it for the first time.

The fingerprint sensor was originally developed as a security measure to protect the iOS device , but now, along with iOS 8, it also extends its capabilities. For example, in the latest generations of the smartphone and tablet it is used to verify the user’s identity in mobile payments via Apple Pay.

Using the Footprint Sensor on iPhone and iPad
Using the Footprint Sensor on iPhone and iPad

It should be noted that this function can be activated and deactivated , so it is not mandatory to use it if you do not want to. Find out how to enable it and how you can take advantage of it.

Activate Touch ID on iPhone and iPad

As we said before, this sensor is present in the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and Mini 3. To enable it you have to go to Settings – Touch ID and code and select the option “Add a fingerprint” . On the next screen, you must register your fingerprint by pressing the Home button several times without pressing it until it is correctly registered.

Once the central area is registered, the system asks us to scan the sides of the finger. It should be noted that Touch ID requires the creation of a security code in case there is any problem when accessing with the fingerprint . And you are ready to start using it, just put your registered finger on the button to unlock the device.

Remember that if you want you can add more than one finger, as well as temporarily disable it . You can disable the option to unlock the device, mobile payments or both.

What is the Touch ID on iPhone and iPad for?

Little by little we are seeing how its functions are expanding. From CNET they point out that it can now be used for three different things: unlocking the device, Apple Pay and online purchases in iTunes and apps . Touch ID becomes a security measure when making purchases with the company’s new mobile payment service that has been available in the United States since the arrival of iOS 8.1.

As you know, the new iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 also have NFC support , although their use is somewhat more limited in the case of tablets. We can have our credit cards registered with this service and easily use them to make purchases both in physical stores and online purchases in applications or shops. In order to finish the payment it is necessary to verify the identity of the user with the fingerprint sensor, so that we avoid that someone buys without our permission.