Using Slide Over on iPad Pro with iOS 12

If magic in the world of technology had a name, it would be called Slide Over . This useful multitasking feature of the Apple mobile operating system offers the possibility to enable an application on one side of the iPad Pro while keeping other apps in the background. Ideal if we want to check a tweet, an email, a news item, etc, quickly and imminently. And all by simply sliding our finger over a screen. Forgive me if I got too excited, but this was unthinkable a decade ago. Well, as we were saying… it’s magic.

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¿Para qué sirve Slide Over?

Using Slide Over on iPad Pro with iOS 12
Using Slide Over on iPad Pro with iOS 12

La verdad es que la funcionalidad Slide Over nos puede ofrecer infinidad de usos. Y como indicábamos anteriormente, es especialmente útil para revisar cosas rápidas. Por ejemplo, digamos que estamos reproduciendo un vídeo en YouTube y caemos en la cuenta de que nos resultaría de interés buscar una información en Safari o consultar un tweet en Twitter. En ese caso, solo deberíamos realizar dos simples gestos táctiles para activar Slide Over, y esto nos lleva al siguiente apartado…

Cómo activar Slide Over

Activar Slide Over es súper sencillo, aunque desde iOS 11 la multitarea viene con un pequeño handicap (o mejor dicho, requisito). Es imperativo añadir al Dock todas y cada una de las aplicaciones que vayamos a utilizar en la multitarea. Dicho esto, para activar la función Slide Over y colocar una aplicación en miniatura en un lateral del iPad Pro solo deberás deslizar tu dedo desde la parte inferior de la pantalla para habilitar el Dock , y acto seguido, mantener presionado tu dedo sobre una app y arrastrarla hacia cualquier zona central de la pantalla.

Cómo usar Slide Over en iOS 12

Una vez activada la funcionalidad, es necesario explicar un par de conceptos para aprender a utilizar correctamente Slide Over. Gracias a esta función es posible interaccionar con dos aplicaciones al mismo tiempo. Podrás navegar a la vez en las dos apps deslizando tu dedo para explorar su contenido . Pero como decíamos, solo podrás hacerlo con aquellas apps que tengas en tu Dock.

Podrás mantener una aplicación abierta en modo Slide Over en el lateral derecho…

O, si lo prefieres, moverla al lateral izquierdo manteniendo tu dedo presionado sobre su parte superior y deslizando a la izquierda:

Cómo desactivar Slide Over

Many of you may already be familiar with this useful iOS 12 multitasking functionality, but it never hurts to remember all the benefits that Slide Over provides. And we’re sure that many, many readers have recently purchased a new 2018 iPad Pro and have yet to fully master this feature. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!

Today we’re going to explain in detail how to use the iOS 12 Slide Over feature on your iPad Pro. Of course, this feature is also available on other Apple tablet models. Unfortunately, it’s not supported on any iPhone model… yet. Shall we get started?

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Deactivating Slide Over is as simple as its method of activation. All you have to do is slide your finger to the right over the top of the application in Slide Over. If you need to use it again, it will still be present hidden on that side. So simply slide your finger from the right side of your iPad Pro to the left to bring the app back into Slide Over mode . Again, magic.

One last point of interest, when you deactivate Slide Over the application you had on the side it still runs in the background but hidden in the system . That is, it will still use resources from your iPad Pro’s RAM. And if you enable application multitasking to close it, you won’t find it. But if you open the app again, you’ll see that all its content is already preloaded. So if your battery is low, we recommend opening and closing the app you used in Slide Over.

The iOS 12’s multitasking allows us to enjoy a wide variety of combinations when using more than one application at the same time. With Slide Over, Split View and Picture-in-Picture we can watch a miniature video while interacting with two split-screen apps and a third application in Slide Over. Isn’t that absolutely wonderful?

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