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Using Offline Mode on Google Maps in iOS

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Version 2.0 of Google Maps released for iOS just a few days ago includes a small Easter Egg that allows us to preload the data of an area to use its map even if we don’t have a connection. The function will soon be included among the options of the application in a clearer and more direct way but if you don’t want to wait, watch out for the next trick.

Using Offline Mode on Google Maps in iOS
Using Offline Mode on Google Maps in iOS

To save an area of the map in Google Maps cache, just click on the search bar, type “Ok maps” and click on the button to continue (don’t choose any of the suggested results, ignore them and click directly on the Search button). A message will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating whether or not the data can be loaded (it depends on the areas and the extent we are trying to cover) and if everything has gone well, you can continue using this map (for example, zooming in to see the name of more streets) even if you have no data connection.

If over time you find that the data stored by Google Maps makes the app too fat and you want to make a new start you can always go to the option “Delete application data” under Settings> Information, conditions and privacy> Conditions and privacy. Not that it’s exactly in plain sight, but what are we going to do about it?

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