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Using Multiple Instagram Accounts in iOS

For some time now, our main social network applications have allowed us to manage more than one account from the same application . This is necessary in cases where, for example, you manage your company’s social networks or your website and also have your own account; if the application does not allow this duality it makes it very difficult for you to manage these accounts.

Instagram, a must-have application on many devices, did not allow this function until recently. So those who need to handle more than one account had to resort to third party applications that do allow the use of this function.

Instagram already allows you to manage more than one account

Using Multiple Instagram Accounts in iOS
Using Multiple Instagram Accounts in iOS

Switching between various accounts on Instagram has become much easier this week. The social network has been testing for months the functionality that allows you to manage more than one account without having to log off and on again, which is quite cumbersome. After all this trial period, the day has come and the company has revealed that the account sharing functionality is ready to be used by users and will be launched on iOS and Android.

How do I switch between accounts on Instagram?

The process of exchanging your personal account to your pet’s account is quite easy. Simply go to your profile settings to add account . When you want to swap between your accounts, go to your profile, click on the username and choose the user you want to use from the list of accounts.

To avoid confusion (a good thing for CMs) Instagram will display your profile image by the application , so that there is no confusion and you don’t upload the wrong image to the wrong account.

When will the Instagram update come out?

As mentioned in Cult of Mac, Instagram hasn’t yet said the exact date when this update will be released so we can swap between iOS and Android accounts, but they have said that will be released this week . However, I do have this feature in the Instagram app.

Do you already have this functionality? Were you looking forward to it? Why do you think Instagram has taken so long to decide to incorporate this functionality? Don’t forget to leave us your opinion on the article, your questions and answers in the comments and on our social networks: Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow us on YouTube where we are constantly uploading new videos.

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