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Using iOS 8 Sharing with WhatsApp

The latest version of WhatsApp finally made the app compatible with the iOS 8 sharing function . Thanks to this feature of the operating system and now also of the messaging app, it is possible to share a photo, a video or a link from other apps installed on our device. That is, it is no longer necessary to copy the link or access WhatsApp first to send this type of content to a contact; we can do it directly from other apps thanks to the Share button.

This feature is present in the latest version of WhatsApp released in the App Store, so the first step we must take is to update the app. To do this we only have to access the App Store and in the updates section accept the installation of the version that will appear. In case we have the automatic updates enabled, most probably we don’t have to do anything and we already have the new version installed.

Using iOS 8 Sharing with WhatsApp
Using iOS 8 Sharing with WhatsApp

Once the app has been updated, we can use the sharing function, although first we have to make the iOS 8 sharing menu show WhatsApp . Due to the way this feature of the operating system works, not all compatible apps are shown by default (it would be crazy if we had a lot of apps installed), so the first step will be to make it show the instant messaging service icon among the sharing options. To do this we need to take the following steps:

1.- Access the app Photos and open a photo.

2.- Touch the share button (the rectangle with an upward arrow, the first one we find in the lower left corner). A new window will be displayed.

3.- Move the icons that appear in color to the left, until we see the last one identified by the text More . We play over it.

4.- A new window will open. In it we can activate and deactivate the apps that we want to be shown in the share menu . We scroll down until we find WhatsApp and activate it.

5.- Optionally we can place it in the position we want in the list (this will affect the order in which it will be shown in the share option). The higher we place it, the more to the left it will show in the share menu. To do this, we must touch the icon with the three lines on the right and, without lifting our finger, move it to the desired position.

After these steps, we can open a photo again, touch the share button and now we’ll see the WhatsApp icon. When we select it, a new window will be displayed with the recent chats first and a series of icons at the bottom that give us access to: groups, mailing lists created and our complete contact list. We simply touch the contact, chat, group or list to which we want to send the, in this case, photo and will be sent directly, without leaving the Photos app and without having to open WhatsApp at any time .

WhatsApp has taken a long time to make its app compatible with iOS 8’s sharing feature, but it’s finally available and we couldn’t be happier about it. Now sharing photos, videos or links with our contacts is easier and faster than ever before .

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