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Using emulators on the new Apple TV is possible


Before it goes on sale to the general public Apple is sending units of the new Apple TV to the developers . With them there are already people watching how it is to program for tvOS, an information that you can also find out via Apple Coding.

Using emulators on the new Apple TV is possible
Using emulators on the new Apple TV is possible

Of course, the most interesting thing is to see what some are already achieving. The highlight is the option to create a console emulator for Apple TV. Don’t you see the Apple top box set with different eyes now?

Provenance, developed by James Addeyman, allows you to emulate games from Genesir, Master System, Mega CD, Game Gear, Nintendo, Super Nintendo and the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance handhelds.

Of course, this is one of those applications that Apple will never approve in its App Store but, as we saw in the last WWDC, we can now download and install our own applications without having a developer account.

Is there much work left? Yes, there is. Also, it won’t be an easy process for everyone to download the GitHub project, install Xcode, compile, etc. But seeing how everything is progressing, it wouldn’t be strange to find a way to simplify the whole process. At the moment it is good news and we will have to keep track of all these developments.


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