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Using Battery Saver Mode on the Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch, like iOS, has a battery-saving mode. This mode allows us to use the apple Watch but dramatically reduce its battery consumption. It’s ideal if you’re in the situation of needing to continue using the Apple Watch and can’t charge it .

Using Battery Saver Mode on the Apple WatchUsing Battery Saver Mode on the Apple Watch

The battery saving mode of the watchOS is somewhat different from that of the iOS. In contrast to the iPhone and iPad platform, the Apple Watch will no longer be able to use almost all of its functions except for displaying the time . In this mode, the Apple Watch no longer communicates with the iPhone and you will not be able to access any functions apart from displaying the time.

If the watch is at a charge level below 10% it will automatically warn you and ask you to enter the battery saving mode. But if you want to activate it yourself , you must follow these steps:

  1. Slide your finger up on the clock face to open the control center
  2. Press the battery percentage
  3. Click on Save Battery , Continue

Your Apple Watch is now in battery-saving mode, and will only show the time when you press the side button . If you want to turn this mode off, you must press the side button and hold it until the Apple Watch restarts displaying the Apple logo.

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