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Using a Mac at work makes you more productive according to a Jamf survey

Jamf has published a new survey focusing on the use of the Mac at work . As in previous years, it is conducted in conjunction with Apple on companies large and small that use their computers, and the results are optimistic for those who use them. Employees with a Mac are generally happier with a Mac at work.

More productive, creative, independent and collaborative

Last year they determined that 72% of employees who could choose which brand of computer to use, chose a Mac. Now, Jamf’s study sought to test whether choosing a particular brand of computer at work made a difference . At the same time, he wanted to know if the different functions of a company were affected by it.

Using a Mac at work makes you more productive according to a Jamf survey
Using a Mac at work makes you more productive according to a Jamf survey

825 people from more than 12 different areas have participated in the study. Of these, the most important have been IT, human resources, marketing and engineering. Small and large companies from all over the world and from different sectors have participated.

The most important reasons for choosing a Mac for work are several. The main reason given by respondents is that they “like Apple products”, followed by that is a more reliable brand than others and thirdly that it is a system that works better with the apps and resources used in the performance of their work. Design, familiarity, continuity, collaboration and ease of use were other reasons.

According to the survey’s findings, participants say that a Mac improves their work in a number of ways. The four main ones are productivity, creativity, being self-sufficient with technology and collaboration with other employees and teams. To finish with the most interesting metrics, 79% of respondents said they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs as effectively if they didn’t have a Mac.

Small steps of the Mac in a PC-dominated world

Clearly, with this type of survey, Apple is looking to push the Mac in an environment that has traditionally resisted its incursion. Dominated by the PC , the company has been the most important market for Windows manufacturers. But after the popularity of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch in the consumer world, many workers prefer to use a computer that gets along with them.

At Apple, are Macs expensive? IBM claims that they are up to $543 cheaper to maintain than a company PC

That’s why computer choice programs at work like the ones Jamf develops are so important to the apple.

According to Statista, in 2017 Windows had almost three times the presence in corporate devices than macOS with 615 and 22% respectively. However, if we count the devices with iOS and macOS together, that percentage rises above half to 33%.

Although it is a market dominated by Microsoft, the truth is that Apple has not given up. In addition to collaborating in studies that value its computers in corporate environments , it has also partnered with large companies to distribute them to their employees.


Deloitte reached an agreement with Apple to put an iPhone and iPad among its employees. In 2016, IBM said it intended to distribute 100,000 Macs to its employees by the end of that year because they were cheaper to maintain than a PC.


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