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uses a strap to make it waterproof


While the Apple Watch is splash-proof, Apple does not recommend immersing it in water . Many have been the users who are not afraid to do so and use it both at the beach and in the pool, but of course, in case something happens to the Apple Watch, the guys from Cupertino are not responsible.

uses a strap to make it waterproof
uses a strap to make it waterproof

In cases like these, the best thing to do is to prevent , so if you want to take your Apple Watch with you this holiday to the beach or pool, use a strap that makes it waterproof. The waterproof case doesn’t have to be worn all the time, just on days when you know you’ll be surrounded by water, making it an extra safety feature.

In this sense, one of the best cases on the market to protect your Apple Watch from water and sand is the Catalyst case. The company has a long history of experience in cases for Apple devices, so your option for about 60 euros (on the official website) is the best alternative of all.

  • IP-68 protection: This means waterproofing for both dust and liquids.
  • Access to all sensors: You can still measure your pulse or feel vibrations with the strap on.
  • Premium materials: A kind of silicone that is very pleasant to the touch but at the same time resistant.
  • Adaptable to wrist position: Like the Apple Watch itself, the Catalyst strap can be used in either hand by turning it around with the Apple Watch.

The strap can be bought in three different colours : black, white with green buttons or grey with red buttons. The problem with this strap (and the problem with all the cases) is that it increases the size of the watch and makes it lose its aesthetic. Here it is up to each person to assess whether the aesthetics or the protection of the device are more important.

If you are going to be at the beach for a long time this summer and have an Apple Watch, it is certainly an ideal option, not only for protection against water but also against corrosion . Keep in mind that salt water from the sea can more easily damage both the aluminium of the Apple Watch itself and the strap you are using. If you want to get one of them you can buy it from Amazon for about 76 euros.

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