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Users who want to upgrade their old iPhone would boost iPhone 8 sales

The i Phone 8 is getting closer and closer , and everything points to it being a great device. It is because of this and the excitement of users that many have been reluctant to upgrade their old iPhone , so that will take the leap this very year.

Users using an old iPhone will be likely to upgrade with the output of iPhone 8

Most iPhone users do not update their mobile every year. In fact, according to a study conducted by analysts in Boston, 28% of them have a iPhone 6 , and another 16% use a iPhone 5 or 5S (I would include myself in that group).

Users who want to upgrade their old iPhone would boost iPhone 8 sales
Users who want to upgrade their old iPhone would boost iPhone 8 sales

Well, according to several analysts, these users of a iPhone 6 or earlier will be the ones who make the difference. Thus, the sales of people who upgrade their old devices will be considerable .

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The reasons for the possible increase in sales with the older iPhone 8

The main reason for this fact is that there are many expectations this year for being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Thus, people expect a lot from the Apple smartphone this year. And let’s hope Tim Cook and his team don’t disappoint us…

Added to this is the fact that many people have been looking forward to this device for years. Why? Because of those who bought a iPhone 6 or SE obviously the vast majority did not upgrade to the iPhone 6S because they were still paying for the old device. When the new device came out, on the 7th, these users did not upgrade given the few differences with the previous model.

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Something similar happens with the current owners of a iPhone 5, 5C or 5S . Buyers of these devices, if they haven’t yet upgraded to a more current one, are probably not interested in being so trendy and are waiting for a big generation jump. Everything points to what will happen with this iPhone 8. In addition, users of 5/5C or earlier have an added incentive, which is that in iOS 11 Apple will no longer support 32-bit devices , so only 64-bit (5S onwards) models will receive the upgrade.

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But they won’t be the only ones to switch to an iPhone 8 …

Obviously, these users will not be the only ones upgrading to iPhone 8.

Users who change their mobile phone every year , whether they are always from Apple or not, will also be likely to buy this device that we will see after the summer. Thus, those who buy all the iPhones will also do the same with this one. But the most interesting thing is that they could return users who at one time were with iPhone but later switched to Android devices.

In addition, those who have purchased an iPhone 6S with a permanence plan , will run out this year.

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As we can see everything points to Apple. The hopes placed on this iPhone 8 are very high, and more than ever Apple can’t afford to fail.

What do you think? What device do you currently own? Are you planning to buy the iPhone 8?

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