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User dies because of a bad iPhone cable

When we use an iPhone too much, we are used to charging it at least once a day or even a few times more a day. This causes the charger and the cable to wear out little by little. In Apple’s case, the cables they sell don’t shine because of their resistance ending up with the plastic covering the cables quite deteriorated showing the “guts” of the cable itself. This wear and tear has cost the life of a Vietnamese woman, who died from being electrocuted by the cable itself.

14-year-old Le Thi Xoan was found dead in her own bed with the iPhone charger very close to her, specifically next to the cable that was quite worn out, showing the hairs on the cable. Although, it was initially ruled out that this was the cause of death since most have a mesh that prevents these accidents. This is why you should always buy quality ones from a trusted brand.

User dies because of a bad iPhone cableUser dies because of a bad iPhone cable

It was the autopsy that was performed on him that has determined that the cause of death was an electrocution, but it is not yet known whether this wire was official or from a third party . If it was from Apple itself, it could be a pretty serious situation for the company. Below you can see the state of the cable.

This would have been the trigger for the electrocution. Early research suggests that while he was sleeping he rolled up his hand and ended up with a fatal outcome. This one was surrounded by tape to protect the discovered area but it seems that it was not enough.

These cables have a price in the official scandal shop reaching 35 euros for one meter. But obviously, the unofficial ones we found for two euros. A user, is going to go for a cable from the Chinese before leaving the money in an official cable of almost 40 euros.

We hope that Apple will make a statement on this case saying whether this was an official cable and will reconsider the prices of a simple cable, in what seems to be that they are playing with the lives of those people who cannot leave so much money in a simple cable.