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Useful information to extend the life of the battery

Once again Cupertino’s boys go on stage to fatten up his patent portfolio. This time it’s time to deal with the drums. Considering the slow pace of the energy sources of our devices, we have to look for alternatives. Apple has found it and, intends to adapt the hardware through its software based on the collection of data such as the use we give to our device as well as our geographical location.

Cupertino’s company has applied for a new patent. They have named it Energy management for electronic devices . In this new patent, a battery management system is described that detects the uses that the owner of the device seems to give it. With this, Apple wants to make its hardware dynamic through a masterful use of its software .

Useful information to extend the life of the battery
Useful information to extend the life of the battery

It seems that the manufacturers are either stuck in the development of new batteries or simply not interested in launching them. This patent is intended to compensate for the high consumption of our devices on the batteries that support it. A process of optimisation and adaptation to the needs of the user is sought in order to extend the life of the batteries as much as possible.

The aim of this patent is that our device learns from our uses . It will be fed with information such as the average time from when your device receives a load to when it enters another loading process later, the consumption of the device in that stretch, our situation and geographical location to help it calculate the average time it takes us to move. In general, will collect hundreds and hundreds of data on our device usage to calculate an optimal power management scheme for itself .

This administration scheme can be dynamically modified according to the usage requirements of our device or its location . The patent even talks about the possibility of users having some power of personalization in a manual way, which will lead to even greater optimization, as explained in a part of the patent document:

In theory, there are many possibilities that can come to mind . For example, a user who is at home will have a power source always at hand so he can have a normal consumption profile, while a person who is travelling or away from home would not have the same possibility of finding a load source so he would have to switch to a moderate consumption profile.

In short, to alleviate the limitations of our batteries, a system has been developed that will make them last as long as possible . It is not known whether the Bitten Apple company is thinking of bringing this to their devices but, if the development of new energy containers is so slow and we do not see improvements in the short term, this tool would be highly valued by users. All for giving a few more minutes of life to our mobiles .

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