Use your iPhone responsibly

A few weeks ago I told you about Moment, an application available for iPhone and Android that helps us control the time we spend with our touch. We know that it’s hard to resist the tangle of applications and entertainment that our favourite phone offers us. Today I want us to reflect no longer on how we use it, but on how that use can affect others . Obviously, most of the ones I’m going to quote are common sense, but we’ll go over some of the most important ones.

On the street

  1. Pay attention to the rest of the passers-by. What have we ever hit? Remember, we’re not alone. If you have to be answering an important message or see if your paycheck has been deposited, to give an example, stop and step aside.
  2. The music you like may not please others. Let’s face it, listening to music through your speakers is not the most advisable or civic-minded thing to do. You have a wide range of headphones to suit all pockets.

At work

  1. Your work may not allow you to use your mobile phone during working hours, so I can’t tell you much. Keep it up if you don’t want a slap on the wrist from your superiors.
  2. If their use is permitted under the circumstances, use the two magic words, common sense.
  3. Check if you can use your work’s Wi-Fi for personal matters.

Public transportation

  1. If you’re on the subway and there’s no good coverage, don’t try to yell anymore. Maybe you can tell by text message.
  2. Active silence mode, for pure civility.
  3. And obviously no music over the speakers. It’s not necessary for others to know about your tastes.

In the car

  1. Very simple. Hands-free use is mandatory, and if you don’t have it, I don’t bother with the Airplane mode. The use of the mobile phone at the wheel is the main cause of serious accidents due to distraction. It is not to be taken lightly, as dangerous as driving drunk or drugged.

At home

The family must agree on the rules for the use of household devices , although the main ones could be:

  1. Do not use it at meals. Nothing is more frustrating than an event where the screens are the protagonists.
  2. If there are people sleeping or small children, it is better to operate the silent mode lever.
  3. Avoid using it in bed. Our beloved gadgets hook and the 5 minutes of looking at the Facebook before going to sleep turns into 25 almost without noticing it.
Use your iPhone responsibly
Use your iPhone responsibly

Otherwise, we can summarize these tips in one: don’t let a screen spoil a unique moment If you liked the article leave your opinion in the comments and illustrate how you do it to use your iPhone properly.

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