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Use your iPhone as if it were a Polaroid

Polarock ( AppStore-0,79€ )

Although many people insist on saying that the iPhone’s camera is poor and that its two megapixels are almost an obsolete technology, the truth is that nowadays quality is not always synonymous with art or expression .

Use your iPhone as if it were a Polaroid
Use your iPhone as if it were a Polaroid

A photo that is out of focus or has low resolution but a special motif can be a much better photo than one that has many megapixels but says nothing. Precisely taking advantage of this lack of quality there is an application that uses this excuse as its main attraction for use .

Polarock is the name of this application that aims to turn a mediocre photo into a fun photo by applying the typical Polaroid house photo frame as well as aging, sepia effects etc. It does not improve the photo but it can bring a different approach .

If you also think your photo is worth it, you can upload it to one of the many Flickr groups created exclusively with photos taken with the iPhone. The iPhone is not only one of the most used camera phones, but it is also the fifth most used “camera” in all of Flickr.

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