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Use WhatsApp’s fast response with this tweak

A couple of days ago we showed you a tweak that allowed us to use the quick response function in Telegram. Today, thanks to iPhone Hacks we have discovered another tweak that allows us to use that same function in WhatsApp.

Quick response is one of the most expected features for WhatsApp users on iOS 8, and in the absence of an official update we can use the tweak called Nuntius. This allows us to reply to messages from the lock screen or by scrolling down from the notification. Of course, if you want to install this tweak you need to have the jailbreak done with Cydia on your device.

Use WhatsApp’s fast response with this tweak
Use WhatsApp’s fast response with this tweak

Nuntius allows quick response for both individual and group conversations. Once installed it has no configuration whatsoever, will simply activate this function on our device.

The tweak is currently in beta , but it seems that works without any problem. In case you want to download it, just open Cydia and go to Sources> Edit> Add and type in the following URL: http:/sharedroutine.comrepo Once you have done this, find the tweak in Cydia and install it.

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