Use Automator to create an automatic print folder

The iOS application Shortcuts is a success and we may see it fully integrated in future versions of macOS. Even so the operating system of our Macs, already has for many years, an automation system with which to do many actions called Automator.

On several occasions we have talked about the benefits of this program, and most importantly, about how to use it and take advantage of its full potential . In fact, recently our colleague Pedro Aznar showed us how to use Automator to create a folder to resize and change the format of our images.

Use Automator to create an automatic print folder
Use Automator to create an automatic print folder

At Apple you can create a macOS folder that automatically formats your photos

Today and following this same line we are going to teach you how to create an automatic print folder using Automator . Yes, we’re in the middle of the season ” paperless “, but now that we’re back in the classroom or at work, we need to print papers, jobs and other documents.

How to create an automatic print folder with Automator

  • The first thing we must do is create a folder on our desktops that we will call “Print” (or whatever you want).
  • After creating the folder on the desktop we will open “Automator” and from the options that appear we will select “Folder Action”.
  • Click on the drop-down menu at the top right and select the folder you just created in the first step (the one you had called “Print”).
  • We now use the Automator search engine and type “Print” and from all the items that appear we drag to the right the one that calls “Print Finder Items”.
  • Now all we have to do is select our printer from the drop-down menu and save the action with Command (?) + S or in the File> Save path.

From now on, any document , photograph or file that we drag or paste into this folder, will be printed automatically.

On ApplePrint from iPhone, iPad and Mac thanks to AirPrint

Extra Ball: You can use it from your iPhone or iPad thanks to iCloud Drive.

If you are an iCloud user and leave the “Print” folder on your Mac desktop , you can also use it from your iPhone or iPad to print remotely.

Simply access from your computers to the iCloud Drive> Desktop application and paste any document, photo or file into the “print” folder, so that the document is automatically printed on our printer and ready for use when we need it.

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