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Updates every four weeks for Facebook in iOS

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Updates every four weeks for Facebook in iOS
Updates every four weeks for Facebook in iOS

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Facebook takes quite good care of us iOS users, and they regularly update their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch application giving us the possibility to be up to date with all the news of the social network, at the same level of its web version. If the other day they firmly confirmed to us that they would stop supporting Facebook chat from the main app to relegate that feature to Facebook Messenger, today they confirm that we will have updates every four weeks .

That’s right, once a month we will have an update on the iOS version of Facebook, and so is reflected in the App Store notes in today’s update . At the moment we don’t know if the same will happen in Android, but in Google Play there is no trace of these indications.

These regular updates will bring us new features and stability improvements. And because Facebook wants us to have these updates as soon as possible, recommends that we activate the automatic updates of iOS 7, from the Settings.

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