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Upclose or the easiest way to broadcast live video from your iPhone

Are you an active Twitter user and also a early adopter ? Then this post will interest you. Since a few weeks ago, the most advanced users of this social network have been testing the latest from Twitter. It is the live streaming video broadcast and Upclose is a Spanish startup that is leading this revolution.

The best way to understand Twitter is as a television that broadcasts content constantly. Under this point of view, each user would have a unique channel in which all the tweets of the users he follows are dumped. Just like with TV, if we are not tuning in to a channel at that moment, we will miss what they are “tweeting”.

Upclose or the easiest way to broadcast live video from your iPhoneUpclose or the easiest way to broadcast live video from your iPhone

Although we can actually go back whenever we want, there comes a point when it is not feasible. Twitter is a real time communication tool , but until now it has only been used with text, links, photos and videos, the latter only in delayed mode. This is exactly what Upclose solves in a devilishly easy way.

Upclose, the new sensation of social networks

Upclose is an app that was born from the Rushmore company after several years of work. At first, its technology was focused on connecting artists with their fans through live video. However, the company claims that its users asked it to be open to everyone.

Sometimes it’s good to start a business by focusing on a specific niche, but other times you realize that your product is made for the mass market. Even more so when it is your own users who suggest it to you . This is how Upclose was born, an app for iPhone and Android that also has a web interface.

When we download Upclose and open it for the first time, we must give access to the typical permissions of an app of these characteristics: microphone, camera and Twitter or Facebook account. I don’t know if it’s mandatory to give access to one of these two social networks, but of course are necessary if we want to have any impact with our broadcast. The operation is simple and has only three buttons:

  • The first is the “Home”, where all the live streams of the people we follow are collected. If we do not follow anyone, some of the people we are not following but who are relevant in some way will be introduced.
  • In the middle we have the broadcast button. If we touch it, it will take us to the video broadcast screen. Apparently, to begin with you must place the iPhone in horizontal format. After doing this, a button will appear with which we will start the live broadcast.
  • Finally, we have our profile where we will see the photo we have, a brief biography, the number of broadcasts we have broadcasted, followers and users we follow.

Emissions are stored in this last section. Here you can share the link to the video for delayed viewing or make it private so that no one can see it.

Twitter tightens the screws on the competition

Our colleagues from Genbeta told us how this type of apps have attracted the attention of Twitter itself. Not in vain this is something that this social network should have done long ago . Their solution has been to buy a very similar app called Periscope that is still in private beta and close the tap to the rest of the possible competitors, including Upclose.

How did they do it? By removing the access to the so-called social graph , the index of relationships that users have with each other and that would allow them to make connections and gain followers among Twitter users who would also like to use Upclose.

In this way, each user must create their own legion of followers one by one and from scratch. Had we had access to Twitter data, creating an audience and a greater impact would have been much faster . Luckily for Upclose, they have a user base focused on the existing music world of their time as Rushmore.

We will see how the soap opera develops with Twitter, but we will surely have more news about Upclose’s advances.


  • Developer: Rushmore.
  • Language: English.
  • Requirements: iOS 8.
  • Price: free.
  • Download it from the App Store.