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Up to 5,400 content trackers send information from your iPhone

Así son las instalaciones secretas de Apple donde pone a prueba la privacidad del iPhone a -40ºC

La información de tu iPhone podría estar en cualquier parte

Nuestra información privada contiene datos de toda clase sobre nuestra vida, desde los comandos de voz que usamos para pedirle cosas a Siri hasta las páginas web que visitamos cuando pensamos que nadie nos ve. Podrías asumir que Apple hace todo lo posible para evitarlo, de hecho hace poco publicaron un divertido spot comercial presumiendo de privacidad y asegurando que “lo que ocurre en tu iPhone, se queda en tu iPhone”.

Up to 5,400 content trackers send information from your iPhone
Up to 5,400 content trackers send information from your iPhone

Pues bien, resulta que la investigación de The Washington Post sugiere otra cosa. Han usado un software de monitorización que reúne toda la información de los datos que son enviados desde un iPhone.


A las 6:25 de la mañana un rastreador llamado Demdex recibió una forma de identificar el iPhone y enviarlo a una lista de otros rastreadores para que se conecten a él. Wow.

¿Crees que eso es todo? Agárrate bien.

A las 11:43 de la noche de un lunes cualquiera, una docena de compañías de marketing, firmas de investigación y otras empresas ya habían recopilado sus debidos informes del iPhone del editor Geoffrey A. Fowler de The Washington Post.

¡Ah…! ¿Y conoces la app Yelp? Su compañía recibe mensajes que incluyen la dirección IP de todos los iPhone de Apple… CADA CINCO MINUTOS.

Asusta, ¿verdad?

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It’s a real madness.

By Sergio J. Ortiz – May 28, 2019ShareFacebookTwitter

The Washington Post has made a curious discovery: more than 5,400 content trackers are sending data from the iPhone. And in some cases it’s very sensitive information such as location and phone number.

Imagine it’s 5:00 a.m., your iPhone is supposed to be in sleep mode, with no suspicious activity. Guess what? That’s right. Even though the screen is off and the device is locked, the applications keep sending information as if there was no tomorrow.

And, in addition, the information is sent to companies you’ve never heard of. Yeah, it sounds pretty scary. I know. And what’s even more annoying, Apple could do so much more to stop this madness.

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This is your data we’re talking about. Your most intimate information. Why should it leave your iPhone and be sent to companies you don’t even know? Why do you collect information without us knowing what they’re going to do with it?

What can you do to protect your data?

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do until Apple decides to put (even more) limits on its App Store regulations. But a developer named Patrick Jackson has created a VPN services application called Privacy Pro (we’ll leave the download to you below) that identifies and blocks some crawlers.

You can download from here Privacy Pro, it has a trial version:

It’s funny how trackers are usually activated at midnight. It seems like they’re designed to be quiet, to send our information when we don’t notice. Maybe they’re designed that way so they can’t interfere with other operating system functions. These midnight “meetings” occur if you have the “background updates” feature enabled , which is the default in the iOS Settings app.

But other applications, such as DoorDash, a home catering service, send data directly when you’re using them. When you open the app, you’re already sending data to 9 third-party trackers . And for free, hey. What less than offering a good discount for the food you’re going to order, right?

What do you think about this invasion of privacy? Very Black Mirror all around? We’ll wait for you in the comments!

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