up to 2 TB for your files

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iCloud Drive is the storage option preferred by most iOS users . Not surprisingly, thanks to Apple’s personal cloud we can keep a backup of all our files and data, as well as automatically and instantly synchronize between all the Apple devices we own.

More and more files have to be stored, and for example the 4K videos and high quality photos generated by the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus affect the available space we have. That’s why Apple has decided to increase this level of storage with a new monthly subscription of 19.99 euros per month in exchange for 2 TB of memory.

up to 2 TB for your files
up to 2 TB for your files

This price is similar to the one offered by Google Drive , in fact the subscription plans are similar between different services. For example, 1 TB of storage can be found for 9.99 euros at Apple and also at Google, being somewhat cheaper at Microsoft and since it costs 6.99 euros. Anyway, you can always continue with your 50 GB, 200 GB or 1 TB plan, which have been offered so far for 0.99 euros, 2.99 euros and 9.99 euros respectively.

This new storage plan is a logical step if the rumors of the next generation iPhone are true. You have to take into account that it may have a major change in the camera, improving its aperture and getting some photos with much more data to process. The iPhone as such is also expected to bring 256GB, so a change in physical storage should also be reflected in cloud storage.

If you want to purchase this new iCloud Drive storage plan you can do so from your iPhone or iPad in the iCloud settings . Another option is to contract it from Apple’s official iCloud website, where by logging in with our credentials we can modify our storage plan.


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