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Unlocking iPhone with the Proximity Sensor

Unlock or Lock your iPhone using the proximity sensor thanks to this Cydia tweak

In case you don’t know, in the accessibility settings of your iOS device you can activate AssistiveTouch . What is it for? Well, it’s so that we don’t punish the home button on our Apple device so much, and for people who, for whatever reason, can’t press it, they can have an alternative. This virtual button appears on the screen and has the same function as the button mentioned above.

But if we do the Jailbreak on our iPhone, we can add a tweak so that neither the home button nor the lock button are punished. With SleekSleep we can lock and unlock our smartphone just by passing our finger through the proximity sensor .

Unlocking iPhone with the Proximity Sensor
Unlocking iPhone with the Proximity Sensor

As usual, every time a new iOS is released, a Jailbreak compatible with the new version is soon available. Following this rule, it is not long since we can enjoy the corresponding Jailbreak for iOS 7.

Soon after the release, few tweaks were compatible with the latest devices in the block and users who had iOS 7 on older devices could enjoy some of them, although not all Cydia’s offerings were compatible with the latest version of the operating system.

We just had to wait a little longer for 64-bit architecture compatible tweaks to be released for the iPhone 5s (and iPad Air). Now Cydia is perfectly compatible with the processor of the latest Apple devices and little by little many and very good tweaks perfectly compatible with iOS 7 are coming out.

Run your finger over the proximity sensor and lock, or unlock, your iPhone

One of the latest tweaks to arrive on iOS 7 devices is SleekSleep. By activating it, you can lock and unlock your iPhone by simply running your finger over the proximity sensor, which is located next to the headset, i.e. right above the screen.

In the settings, you can customize the tweak so that, for example, you can set the number of times you want your finger to be swiped to lock or unlock the iPhone. You can also set the duration of the swipe, the time interval for swiping, etc…

You can also set the proximity sensor to be active, even if the mobile is switched off . This is not highly recommended as it would use up a lot of battery power and affect the battery life. We already know that the battery of an iPhone is no wonder and it runs out of power very quickly.

Another option available is the possibility of deactivating the proximity sensor in a call and in this way the call options will always be on and the screen will not turn off when you bring it close to your ear. Something that, a priori, seems a little uncomfortable, since we could make involuntary touches with the ear.

The tweak can be activated and deactivated in the control center, in a new hand shaped icon . To get an idea, the iPhoneHacks colleagues give us the video that accompanies these lines and that shows how this Cydia tweak works.

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