Uninstalling Apps on an iPad Pro with iOS 11

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If you have an iPad Pro, you may have been in the situation: you tap on an application icon for a while to see the cross to uninstall it, but… it doesn’t appear. You can move the icon around and rearrange your main screen, but the cross to uninstall the application does not appear .

Uninstalling Apps on an iPad Pro with iOS 11
Uninstalling Apps on an iPad Pro with iOS 11

What’s going on? Well, depending on the device you have, iOS 11 has slightly changed the behaviour of the system icons when you click on them. And in the case of the iPad Pro, that means learning something new.

It turns out that on iPad Pro, when you tap and hold an icon, the first thing that may appear is a dialog box much like the one that should appear when you tap it on a 3D touch screen. It doesn’t work with all applications, only those with this feature active.

All you have to do to get the cross to appear is to simply keep the button pressed longer , nothing else. Instead of one second, two. After the icon grows under your finger momentarily, the cross will appear and you can delete the application. This only applies to iPad Pro, so on other iPad models you can continue to delete applications as usual.

It’s easy to get the hang of holding your finger down a little longer, but you just need a bad pulse or be confused by the screen to end up losing your temper. If you can’t get the cross to come out, you can always delete the applications you want with this alternative method. Go to the Settings , and in the iPad Storage section you’ll see a list of applications sorted by the amount of space they use.

Click on the application you want to delete, and you’ll be taken to a tab where you can either uninstall it (keeping the data you use, a good way to save new space on iOS 11) or delete it completely along with all its related data and files:

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