Undercover, to find the thief of your Mac


With what your Mac has cost you and now a thief comes and takes it away. What do you do?

Undercover, to find the thief of your Mac
Undercover, to find the thief of your Mac

Undercover may be the solution, at least that’s what the manufacturer Orbicule says. It’s based on a software solution that, after installing it on your Mac, assigns you a unique Undercover ID for your computer. When you connect to the Internet, if the ID is not in the stolen Mac database, nothing happens.

Now, when they have taken it from you, you communicate that ID to Orbicule who add it to their database of missing products and as soon as the thief connects to the Internet (something currently logical), they will try to locate it by means of two plans. Plan A: through the data that the ISP from where it connects accesses to give. If they are not there for the job, plan B.

Plan B: Get control of the stolen computer so that the thief must either send it to a service center or sell it over the Internet.

In both cases, if the laptop has a webcam integrated or connected, you can get a picture of the person who is using it.

The software is not detected by the thief at any time, and if he wanted to format the hard drive to erase all traces of the owner, if you’ve taken the precaution of assigning a password to your Mac’s firmware, he won’t have anything to do.

Will this anti-theft method really work?

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