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Una cosa más… (semana del 41010)

A new installment of our One More Thing special has arrived after a quiet week from Cupertino, although in view of the rumors “about iLife’11”:https:/www.Apple.comapplelas-cuentas-mac-cerraran-definitivamente-el-proximo-dia-8-de-noviembre and the arrival of “new laptops”:https:/www.Apple.comrumoresun-nuevo-macbook-air-podria-aparecer-en-cuestion-de-semanas it seems that we are in the calm that precedes the storm . Let’s lighten up the wait with a list of the most interesting things we’ve seen this week throughout the Spanish blogosphere:

  • In Happy Macintosh “we’re informed”:http:/happymacintosh.blogspot.com201010warning-about-a-macbook.html of some *cracks that can arise in the white MacBook as a result of getting used to opening it from the sides* below instead of where it should be opened (with one or two fingers pushing in the area where the iSight is). They’re not serious, but better safe than sorry.
  • If you are waiting to be able to apply a *jailbreak to your iPhone or iPad*, maybe the time will come soon: In Javielos they “inform” us:http:/www.javielos.com20101009limera1n-y-geohot-vuelven-a-escena that Limera1n and GeoHot will soon launch new updated solutions to do it, and supposedly we will be able to jailbreake iOS 4.1 without any complications.
  • Steve Jobs is going to build a new house, and from PlanetaMac “they show us a comic book”:http:/www.planetamac.esla-nueva-casa-de-steve-jobs that describes its hypothetical structure. *? The new home of Apple’s big shot hides more than meets the eye…
  • Do you use Adobe InDesign? Do you have an iPad? If the answer to both questions is yes, then congratulations are in order: On planet iOS they “teach us”:http:/planetaios.com20101008rovingbird-epublisher-de-indesign-al-ipad-directly *RovingBird ePublisher*, an application that allows us to publish inDesign content directly to the Apple tablet.
  • Nil Caste “tells us”:http:/nilcaste.es201010podcast-032-idocument in the latest installment of his podcast the operation of iDocument, an application capable of organizing our documents to iTunes with labels and collections.
  • *Steve Jobs is feeling generous these days*: the miners who have been trapped in the San Jose mine in Chile for too long will soon be able to get out, and Steve has decided to send the rescuers a state-of-the-art iPod to each one. In addition, Apple’s CEO has launched a program with the governor of California to register organ donors for child transplants. “They tell us”:http:/appleinforma.com20101007steve-jobs-solidario-y-admirado en Appleinforma.
  • Finally, in Macquero Newspaper they “teach us”:http:/www.diariomacquero.com201010la-tecla-fn.html *all the secrets of the ‘fn’* key on Apple’s keyboards, which for some is an absolute mystery but can be a great help to save time.

Remember: if you have something interesting that could be included in our weekly special, don’t hesitate to send it to our “contact form”:https:/www.Apple.comcontacto or to our “official Twitter account”:http:/twitter.comApple. Nothing else from us, until next week!

Una cosa más… (semana del 41010)
Una cosa más… (semana del 41010)

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