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Una cosa más… (semana del 200910)

The last weekend of September is already here, and I would not like to miss the opportunity to remember how we started: In London, living a keynote with Apple , and testing the new iPods at the special event with which the company cheered us on the “return home” after the summer.

A week of curiosities, such as the new BMW motorcycle that uses an iPhone as a master key, or the fantastic tours of the most fashionable places in San Francisco that our colleague Miguel López brought us on his return from his trip.

Una cosa más… (semana del 200910)
Una cosa más… (semana del 200910)

However, this week the Mac world has also brought us other very interesting topics of conversation, which we have been able to collect from various blogs from other colleagues in the blogosphere. Here are some of them:

  • Manu Iglesias, in Tengounmac, gives us his opinion about the new HP Slate: “Nothing to fear for Apple”. In his entry, Manu tells us that the tablet’s operating system has not been designed for intensive touch use, and that shows.
  • This week the guys from AppleInforma are preparing a little tutorial about PulpTunes: A little program that will allow you to have your iTunes library available from anywhere in the world. PulpTunes is also free, and with Jonay’s instructions you won’t have any excuse not to try it…
  • Sergio Landróguez shows us in Maczana some straps that are already sold to wear the new iPod nano like a watch… It was something inevitable that these accessories started to come out. And the truth is that the two models he mentions, look very good…
  • Last Monday, David Sanmartín gave me an interesting interview for Appleweblog, Apple’s blog for Hypertextual. Very good questions and a pleasure to answer them to a crack like David. I also recommend you to read the rest of the interviews that they did with machinists with many years of Mac experience behind them.
  • The following link has not been published this week, but it was a few days ago when my friend Jordi Ferrer sent it to me via Twitter: A great tutorial for all those interested in losing their fear of the Mac OS X Terminal. Basic and simple commands with which to take the first steps. Seen in the blog Los cacharros de Algernon (a pity I don’t publish more).
  • Finally, a curious video of a prototype that does not exist and that has only been imagined by the Mozilla Foundation, the Mozilla Seabird, conceived as a real “iPhone killer”:

See the video on the original site.

As OctaviZ comments in MacVisions… too bad it doesn’t exist! Although of course, few of us doubt that in the future smarphones will have technologies like video and some more that we can’t even imagine.

This is the short weekly summary of the blogosphere in Spanish . Enjoy the last weekend of September and get ready for October, where I’m sure Apple has prepared some surprises for us

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