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Una cosa más… (semana del 14112011)

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Una cosa más… (semana del 14112011)
Una cosa más… (semana del 14112011)


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The cold is already beginning to show, but the news from the world of the bitten apple does not rest. We’ve had a week filled with lots of rumors and the return of the native Gmail application. There is more interest in the Apple platform than ever , with a worldwide share of Mac of 5%. This can be seen in the activity of the blogosphere maquera, and as every week we offer a list of links with interesting points that we have found this week. Grab a blanket and prepare something warm to drink, which we’ll start with:

  • When we go on a trip we have a good range of applications in the App Store that can help us. But if we prefer that a single application takes care of everything we need, perhaps we prefer the Travel App Box. In AppsMac they detail their functionalities.
  • In Applesencia they show us the history of Apple in TV commercials in a special, and in a recent edition they compile the most famous ads of the iPod range. Ideal for feeling a bit of nostalgia.
  • As usual, Apple will be closing the App Store updates and news from December 22nd to 29th for the Christmas holidays. If you’re an iOS app developer, you’re interested – and iPhoneros has the details.
  • Many iPhone 4 owners have asked themselves the same question after seeing the new iPhone 4S: Is it worth changing? In iPhone4Spain they show us a comparison of both models so we can have that decision.
  • Are you thinking of programming a video game for iOS? Then maybe this Play Medusa talk about this topic will be useful for you. We can watch it all on SpherePhone, we recommend you to get comfortable because it lasts almost an hour.
  • We’re used to seeing the ads Apple makes for the iPhone, but in the United States operators also shoot their own spots. In Mecambioamac they show us a nice spot of the new iPhone 4S that Verizon uses to compete against AT&T using the quality of the phone’s signal.
  • We continue with an image that is sure to impress the machinists of the Marbella area more: the Apple Store that is due to open these days in the La Cañada shopping centre already has the logo on the wall that covers the works. Thanks to our reader Pablo for sending us the image!
  • We end with a draw that will surely interest you: In Xataka they have presented the MASSMOBILE challenge with which you can get an iPhone 4S, so if you were thinking of getting the new Apple phone this is your chance.

Remember that, as always, you can send us the news you find most interesting using our contact form or mentioning us on our official Twitter account. We’ll be back next week with more links… until then!

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