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Una cosa más… (semana del 07052012)

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Una cosa más… (semana del 07052012)Una cosa más… (semana del 07052012)


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In May (when it’s hot) we arrive to a new weekend and to our One More Thing section, where we give a review to the maquera blogosphere in Spanish. Many of us are waiting for news from Apple and product updates that haven’t just arrived, so we’ll brighten up the wait with the entries we’ve liked the most from other blogs during this week:

  • We start with the new Weblogssl blog, Xataka Smart Home, where they tell us all the things we have to take into account when planning our local network and internet connection. So, we will see the options we have, PLC, Wi-Fi and network cable and when we should use each of them.
  • And now we go to Appleweblog, where they tell us about Sky Safari, a game that mixes the best between Tiny Wings and Jetpack Joyride, and warn us that it hooks a lot. In it we have to control a skier and prevent him from being buried by an avalanche. I’ve managed to get rid of Jetpack Joyride, so I don’t know whether to try it or not. I’ll be tempted in the end, you’ll see. Sky Safari looks really good.
  • Are you one of those who only takes the iPhone as a photo or video camera? In Compradicción they present us with this case that turns the Apple phone into a vintage camera, and also allows us to hang it around our necks as if it were a machine for only forty euros.
  • Taking panoramic photos is a possibility within everyone’s reach. In Faq-mac they tell us in an interesting entry what are some of the best options to unite our individual photos in a single panoramic photo. Autostitch, DerManDar, Pano, 360Panorama are the programs reviewed in this entry.
  • Emilcar brings us a new and interesting Podcast of no more and no less than one hour and 18 minutes long, with various contents such as the inauguration of the Apple Store in Nueva Condomina (Murcia), conclusions about BYOD, BookBook for iPhone and The Glif+, The start-up phases of OS X, etc. You can’t miss it.
  • Football fans will soon have a date at the European Championship. In AppsMac we are told about Euro 2012 on TV, an application with which we can follow both the results, rankings, broadcast schedule of the different matches, and we can schedule notifications so that we do not miss any information about our national team.
  • And, to finish up for today, we’re going to iPhoneros where we have an entry that tells us about Dashboard X, an iOS enhancement that would get us widgets on the desktop. Unfortunately we’ll have to do Jailbreak to use it. If you want to collaborate in this section you can send us, as always, the news you find more interesting for our weekly compilation through the Apple contact form. Next week we will see you again in this section with more interesting news. See you next time! At Apple 052012)



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