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Una cosa más… (semana 1112010)

8 Comments 06 November 2010, 17:39 Salva Castro

Let’s go with another entry from the section One More Thing , in which as you know we highlight those posts from the Spanish-language machera blogosphere that we found more interesting throughout the week. A week that has been full of news, from the announced death of the XServe, the new Mac Pro Server, the sale of movies on the Spanish iTunes Store and many more news about Mac App Store, Lion and the new MacBook Air .

Una cosa más… (semana 1112010)
Una cosa más… (semana 1112010)

Com always, in the extended entry you have the complete list of entries that we have selected, if you want to participate you only need to send us your suggestions via the contact form of the blog.

  • This week we discovered several modifiers of Spotlight to parameterize much better and more directly our searches using this tool, emilcar finds us “in your blog”:http:/emilcar.es20101105searches-parameterized-directly-in-spotlight a link with a good handful of examples: name, date, kind, with, by, author and other modifiers that we can add to the search box of Spotlight to narrow the results. For those of you who use Spotlight frequently, you’ll do quite well to know this trick.
  • We have started this compilation with a very technical suggestion, let’s continue with another much more humorous, we recommend you to see the video in key of humor that some fans have made (with quite bad slime) about the “new iPhone 5, an invisible phone”:http:/maczana.es20101104humor-presentation-of-the-phone-5, we have discovered it in the Maczana blog.
  • In the switcher’s blog we find another “reflection on the possible convergence between Mac OS X and iOS”:http:/elblogdelswitcher.blogspot.com201011 playing-ser-futurologist-mac-os-acabara.html , perhaps it is not as clear a scenario as the author suggests but it is certainly worth reflecting on it, will full-screen applications be the first step to unify the interface between both systems?
  • We see in Mackinando a “keyboard in the Carrefour”:http:/www.mackinando.commacaccesoriosteclado-de-carrefour-con-el-diseno-del-apple-keyboard that reminds us of another well known product, the Apple wired keyboard, what level.
  • In SomosMac they bring us “several ways to buy cheaper Apple products”:http:/ products. There is nothing new, don’t be afraid, they simply make a collection of the ways that one has to acquire an Apple product with a certain discount: Apple Store of Education, Black Friday, etc.
  • We found a worrying study that they link in Maclatino, according to some “experts” in the mobile application market, “developers in 2011 will lose a lot of interest in iOS”:http:/www.maclatino.comdesarrolladores-perderan-interes-en-ios-para-el-2011 winning Android and Windows Phone in the process. We’ll see, I don’t think it’s anything to be alarmed about.
  • In EsferaiPhone they show us a new “iPad case by Incase”:http:/www.esferaiphone.comaccesoriosnueva-funda-para-ipad-de-incase-origami that is very curious, it is called Origami and it folds over itself to offer support, see it to believe it.

And so far this week’s section, we hope you liked it and we’ll be back with more links, curiosities and interesting articles from other Spanish-language machismo blogs next week.

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