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Una cosa más… (semana 10082009)

Once again we are with you to comment all together the best of this week’s blogosphere. September is not far away, that month in which we will surely see important news in the blogosphere. For the moment we are relaxing next to the beach and let our imagination fly while we watch curious entries we have found this week.

What we have highlighted this week from the blogosphere maquera comes as a ring to the finger for these summer evenings like this:

  • In the green compass we are told about “Winery that kind of App Store for Leopard”:http:/www.labrujulaverde.comsoftwarechill-pill-bodega-y-el-modelo-appstore that such a good feeling “gave us when we checked it here”:https:/www.Apple.commac-osbodega-la-app-store-para-aplicaciones-mac. They also tell us about Chill Pill, a new feed reader that integrates with the Fever web service.
  • In Moving they bring us “an entry about Screensteps”:http:/www.moviendonos.com20090807-screensteps-como-crear-tutoriales-de-la-manera-mas-sencilla a small application to make tutorials easily on our platform.
  • “New photos of a device that could be a MacTablet”:http:/, it’s like a first generation iPod Touch but much bigger, we found it at
  • In the Blog del Switcher they tell us about an accessory that “we reviewed some time ago”:https:/www.Apple.comaccesoriosanalisis-belkin-cooling-laptop-pad and that integrates perfectly with our laptops and will be great for the summer, it’s the “Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad”:http:/elblogdelswitcher.blogspot.com200908work-comfort-and-fresh-with-your-portable.html.
  • The “10 most expensive applications in the App Store”:http:/www.mimundoiphone.comsite2.2noticias-todas72-actualidad915-las-10-aplicaciones-mas-caras-de-la-app-store.html show it to us in iPhone World, really curious, I didn’t know that both SAP and Microsoft Dynamics had an iPhone version.
  • Another curious link can be found at mackinando, where they show us an “accessory for scanning books or magazines with an iPhone”:http:/www.mackinando.comaccesoriosiphone-document-scanner.
Una cosa más… (semana 10082009)
Una cosa más… (semana 10082009)

So much for this week’s compilation, which we recommend you read with something fresh to drink and we remind you that you can send us your favourite entries found in the blogosphere through the “Apple contact channel”:https:/www.Apple.comcontacto or “our Twitter”:http:/twitter.comApple.

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