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Uma Thurman in ‘Suspicion’ and Central Park and Beastie Boys trailers

Jiyang Chen.

As every week, we are collecting in our special all the news around Apple TV+. This time, we have the incorporation of a Hollywood star like Uma Thurman to the series ‘Suspicion’, as well as a couple of trailers. One of them is from an animated music series called Central Park and a documentary about the band Beastie Boys.

Uma Thurman signs for Apple TV+ in a new series

Uma Thurman in ‘Suspicion’ and Central Park and Beastie Boys trailersUma Thurman in ‘Suspicion’ and Central Park and Beastie Boys trailers

“Suspicion’, its English title, is the name of a new series recently announced by Apple. Uma Thurman, the Hollywood star known for her roles in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill , will be the protagonist. In it, she plays a successful business woman in a thriller series.

Suspicion revolves around the kidnapping of your son from a luxury hotel in New York. The 21-year-old’s abduction goes viral when it’s recorded and posted on social networks. According to the plot, four British citizens are soon suspected of haunting the place. In addition to Thurman, Rob Williams will produce the series (known for the Amazon production “Man of the Castle”).

The story is based on the Israeli origin series “False Flag”, in reference to the false flag attacks. In this series, the protagonists become the main suspects of the kidnapping of an Iranian minister. As Apple indicates, it will be a British production that joins other international series such as Pachinko, Masters of the air, Slow Horses and Trying.

For the moment, and although time is running out, Apple has not announced any more European productions . There is a Directive that obliges services in streaming to have a certain amount of “indigenous” productions. At the moment, there are no known titles from the Old Continent.

Beastie Boys and Central Park, two other pending releases

With the music of the song ‘Sabotage’, Apple introduces its new documentary about the history of the group Beastie Boys. It tells the story of three friends who started experimenting with music , doing hip-hop, rap, rock and other musical genres. And the unprecedented success of this peculiar group, portrayed by director Spike Jonze and which will see the light of day on April 24.

The Beastie Boys was founded in the early 1980s and has been active until a few years ago, with a break in between. In all this time, the New York band has sold over 26 million copies in the US and 50 million worldwide . They have been one of the most active bands in recent decades, an activity interrupted in 2012 by the death of one of its members.

Central Park is a musical and animated comedy that will be available on May 29 on Apple TV+. The plot is about a family whose father is responsible for New York’s most famous park. A wicked millionaire decides one day to execute the biggest real estate project in history, rezoning the park and building on it. And the family will try to avoid it at all costs.

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Among their outstanding voices are that of the actress Kristen Bell, known for her role in Veronica Mars , and Stanley Tucci, a supporting actor with numerous well-known roles, such as in The Hunger Games.