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UCube, a pair of speakers designed with the Mac in mind

Altavoces digitales compactos USB de UCube UFi Designed by UFi with Mac users in mind, the UCube speakers are very reminiscent of iMac models, especially with their distinctive aluminum L-foot. If you’re the type of person who likes to have everything to match your Mac and you’re thinking about getting stereo speakers, take a look at UCube – it might just be what you’re looking for.

The pull that Macs are having lately is awakening original ideas in many manufacturers of peripherals and digital audio systems. Such is the case with UFi , which has introduced the pair of USB stereo speakers UCube specially designed for the Mac, with clear references to iMacs, especially in the L-shaped feet so characteristic of Apple’s all-in-one.

UCube, a pair of speakers designed with the Mac in mind
UCube, a pair of speakers designed with the Mac in mind

What is most striking about the UCube is the portability they offer, as they do not require a network connection to operate, which makes them a more than valid alternative to take them around. All we need to do is connect them to the Mac via USB and they’re ready to go. In addition, they stand out for using the minimum number of cables, since the same USB cable acts as both a power outlet and an audio output, and for being designed for optimal sound for both music and movies.

Thanks to the intelligent DSP technology, the speakers make the most of the low 5 Volts offered by the USB connection, drawing 15W of power, more than enough for speakers of this type, which offer a 170 degree stereo surround effect thanks to the BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) controller technology. With the BMR controller, we will have the feeling that the sound does not come directly from each of the speakers, but from the surrounding space, offering a stereo sound sensation, regardless of the room we are in.

As for the price, the speakers can be purchased for 149.95 euros in the Apple Store. The UCube are available in two colours, but the base is always aluminium, what changes is the colour of the speaker frame, which you can find in black and aluminium grey , combining and integrating perfectly with any Mac, whether it’s portable or desktop. They are also available in maroon and white, although these colours are not available at the Apple Store.

We leave you with the video presentation of these speakers which look very good. If we manage to test them we will give you more details.

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