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UBS analysts say iPhone 8 will start at $900 with a maximum of $1000

There’s just one week left for Cupertino’s to introduce us to the iPhone 8 at the Steve Jobs Theater. This day will be marked for all company and iPhone lovers, as we’ll see the final design of this device, which we’re already seeing in certain advertising campaigns. Although we’ll also see something that doesn’t convince any of us, the price that this device will have.

Many have speculated that the base price of iPhone 8 will be $999 on the 64GB version, $1099 on the $256 version, and finally the maximum price would be $1199 with 512GB of storage. Today, however, UBS analysts disagree with these figures and propose very different ones. Who will be right in the end?

UBS analysts say iPhone 8 will start at $900 with a maximum of $1000UBS analysts say iPhone 8 will start at $900 with a maximum of $1000

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According to these analysts, who have declared to the media Business Insider the price of the iPhone 8 would start at $900 with a maximum of $999 with increased storage . That means we’d only see two levels of storage, 64GB and 256GB . The specific note is as follows:

As you can see in the note extracted from this medium, the analysts at UBS compare the price that Tim Cook will be able to put on his products, with those that we currently see in the market. More specifically it is compared with Apple’s main competitor, Samsung. The South Korean company has its S8 at $840 and its flagship, the Note 8 at $950. This means that Apple should keep this price range, and not go too far out of price with the competition. If they choose to go much further than the $900 for the base model, they could suffer a leakage of customers to Samsung or other companies.

Although many are those who have been enchanted by the Apple world and are able to pay what Cupertino’s are willing to ask. This could give them carte blanche to create an uncompetitive price, and not start the base model of the iPhone 8 at 1000$, as we are convinced that many fewer devices will be sold even if the profits do not vary too much.

What price would you be willing to pay for this new iPhone 8? Do you think Apple will opt for a competitive price? Leave your thoughts in the comment box.